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How much does JobOn cost to use?

It’s the best news you’ll get today: JobOn is free for job seekers.

How do I use JobOn?

See the step-by-step instructions both for job seekers and employers. Like us, you’ll wonder why anyone would ever use the old method of running around town to submit paper applications.

Are these real jobs?

JobOn lists vacancies directly from employers as well as the other jobs they need to fill regularly. Employees move, go back to school or just simply change jobs, so the companies often have an immediate need for workers. And applying by video through JobOn means you stand out.

What types of jobs are these?

JobOn matches employers and seekers for a variety of positions in retail, restaurant and hospitality. You also will find jobs in sales, customer service, administrative help, medical assistants, drivers, cooks and cashiers, to name a few.

What should be included when I create a profile?

Your name, telephone number, email address and password. With that you are a JobOn account holder and can apply by video to as many jobs as you want.

Where can I get an email address or how can I change it?

See Google, Yahoo, AOL or Hotmail to set up a free email account. If you need to change it within JobOn, log in to your account and go to the Edit Profile tab. You may also need to go through the "White List" process so that your email address can receive messages from JobOn.

What can I do if I don’t have a webcam?

If your computer didn’t come with a web camera, they are easy to get and simple to use. Just plug it into your computer and follow the directions that come with it. Any computer retailer will carry them, or find one online at these sites: Amazon, Best Buy, Office Depot, Staples, Walmart.

What is a QR Code?

A QR Code is a matrix code (or two-dimensional bar code). Many mobile phones support scanning of QR codes to quickly open web links on the phone. The QR codes on our site allow you to quickly bring up your personalized page. You can put it on your resume or business card so an employer can go directly to your JobOn page. Take a look at this Mashable article on 5 Unique Uses for QR Codes to get ideas for how to use them.

How do I use JobOn as a Job Seeker?

  1. Register to create a profile with your name, email and other details
  2. Select which questions to answer. Pick as many as you like
  3. Think about your responses, click record and say your answers out loud and into the camera on your computer or smart phone. Click Finished when you’re satisfied with the answer. You can re-record if necessary
  4. Review the job opportunities according to what you’re looking for (be sure to include your city and state), and click to send your video responses to the employer; companies will contact you for next steps
  5. Tell your friends about your cool JobOn experience!

What questions should I answer on video?

Pick the questions that highlight your skills, experience and reliability, but be mindful of answering the ones geared toward the type of job you want. For example, if you want a position that deals with customers, answer the questions that call attention to your friendly, outgoing nature. From these recorded answers, employers will form opinions about how you would perform.

What are some tips for answering questions on video?

The way you say it is as important as what you say, so look your best. Dress appropriately and make sure you are centered on the screen with some space around you. Think about your answers and practice saying them out loud. Also be sure to look into the camera and not at the screen.

Can I re-record my answers?

Yes, you can re-record them before sending them to employers.

How do I follow-up with an employer I sent my answers to?

You can contact employers directly using public directories or their website.

How do I use JobOn as an Employer?

  1. Register to create a profile with your name, email and other details
  2. Claim the job opportunities associated with your entity by keeping them current, modifying their descriptions and reviewing applicants’ videos
  3. Click the applicants’ videos that you want to see; you can rewind, fast forward, pause or skip to the next one
  4. Click the contact button to generate an email and meet a particular applicant
  5. Rate applicants and their responses using a three-star scale with three being the best.

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