About Us

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JobOn provides digital recruiting and video prescreening solutions so you can hire faster, smarter and more effectively. Our platform enables companies to take control of the employee recruiting and prescreening process - all housed on a brand-controlled, web-based microsite.

Who We Are

We are a team of recruiting and technology experts that are working to solve the hiring and job search problems for millions of businesses and tens of millions of workers.

It is a fact that most employers get dozens if not hundreds of job applications for roles in which they are regularly recruiting. In high-turnover industries like retail and restaurants, most applications look similar on a paper and the job interview is the only part of the hiring process that matters.

Thousands of employers streamline their job application process and reduce their time to hire by 75% with JobOn. In conjunction with a standard application, job applicants record short responses to interview questions using a camera-equipped device. Hiring managers review recorded profiles (that we call a First Impression) anytime and replace phone-screening and walk-in applications entirely.

The Process

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